Eric Craig and Colleen Sutton

The Extremely Short New Play Festival



​​The requirements of submission are simple. The play must be a new work, never having been produced or presented publically. It must be 10 minutes or less in length, have no more than 4 actors on stage at any one time (there are 2 female actors and 2 male actors in the cast, with a mature and younger actor in each) and tell a story (whatever that means to you). To submit to the festival attach your work to an email and send it to . Please only attach either a .pdf or Word document, no other formats will be accepted.

How to Submit a Play to the Festival​

Gabby Lazarowitz, Brad Long, Mary Ellis and John Muggleton

The Extremely Short New Play Festival


The festival was created to inspire people to write for the theatre. We decided that the 10 minute format was the perfect length for a short play, long enough to encompass a story but short enough to challenge the writer. The first edition was held in 2012 and there’ve been 2 more since then. Each festival has had between 10 and 11 jury selected entries. The format of the festival has all the plays presented together each evening for two weeks. There are four professional actors who play all the parts and are directed by the same director. We use basic set pieces, usually theatre blocks, folding chairs and small tables, along with simple props and add-on costume pieces. The emphasis is on the writing. Since these are new plays there’s always some dramaturgical work with the writers, either by email, Skype or in person at rehearsal. It’s amazing to see the diversity of work in one evening and audiences love the variety of the festival’s format. It’s a celebration of live theatre!

THE ESNPF 2016 WILL TAKE PLACE AT THE AVALON STUDIO November 25, 26, 27 and December 2, 3, 4

Stay tuned for more details!

“Pierre Brault’s fast-moving and funny Quartet rounds out the festival. It features all four actors as badly matched blind dates sitting at adjacent tables. Koensgen has done a nice job of orchestrating the intercut dialogue, the characters’ inappropriateness for each other, and Brault’s look at the disharmony of loneliness. ”

– Patrick Langston, Ottawa Citizen​

New Theatre of Ottawa

“Under John Koensgen’s smooth direction, Mary Ellis, Gabrielle Lazarovitz, Brad Long and John Muggleton bring the 10 scripts to life. Consistently fine performances make the most of each of the pieces.”

– Iris Winston, Capital Critics Circle

"As always, there’s a professional flow to the evening, with one play giving way to the next with a minimum of fuss. And most importantly, the playbill again features a quartet of solid actors giving their all to the material.”

– Jamie Portman, Capital Critics Circle